Rodriguez J.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with the Johnson team. Their combined expertise in the market geographic area was a huge factor and brought us all the confidence needed to ensure we were making the right decision. I am a bit of an overthinker, so I'm sure you can imagine how that becomes magnified when making a huge decision such as buying a home. It didn't matter about the time or day, whenever I had questions or just needed reassurance, they were there to talk me through it and make me feel comfortable. The Johnson team was extremely involved throughout the entire process and even after the purchase of our home the Johnson team stayed in touch and continued to be there for us if we had any questions. I could not have asked for a better experience, and I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family. 10/10 in my book and will be working with them again!

Whitson J.

I'm a first-time buyer. A reluctant one at that. But I needed to get in a house and asked someone I trust very much for a referral to an agent. She didn't hesitate to recommend the Johnsons and once I met them I understood why. These folks know how to do business based on relationships. They got to know me and my wife and kids. They listened well. They didn't push or make it about them at all. They patiently kept recommending properties and when we found something we liked, they helped us pounce. I swore we would go through multiple offers and disappointment when we lost out. But with their knowledge of the market and the property our offer was accepted within 24 hours! Our first offer! Amazing. They responded to every text, email, and call like we were the only clients they had. Communicated every detail and made sure we understood what was happening. Thank you Johnson Team!

Lexus H.

I worked with Bryce, Britt, Barbara and Shelbi back in 2020 to sell my condo in Oakland and to buy another home in Santa Rosa. The Johnson team did an awesome job with both buying and selling my properties. It was a very big step for my fiancé and they were very patient with us, met with us to look at the house numerous times, and gave us all the collective comps and pricing in the neighborhood so we felt comfortable about the future as far as resale and/or if they thought we were making the right decision. Friendly, responsive, patient, and very knowledgeable. The Johnson team made us feel very comfortable and felt like they made the process easy and enjoyable regardless of how stressed-out my fiancé and his family were.

Gail J.

Britt and Barbara Johnson were masterful at helping us buy a house from across the country. Barbara worked tirelessly to introduce us to any properties that were available during a low inventory period. A location close to family was essential and we found a perfect house in the right spot that Britt expertly negotiated for us. This reflects that they have deep knowledge of every aspect of the market, especially in Sonoma and Marin counties. We had owned homes here many years ago and with the constant rise in prices, you wonder if ownership is possible. If anyone can figure it out, that would be Britt and Barbara. They are true professionals and I highly recommend them!

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